Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Publisher, Year: Pocket Star, 2001
Other Works: The Lost Symbol, Sept ‘09
Flags: Adult themes
Rating: A-, or Good w/ Minor Problems
Premise: Anti-matter that could destroy the world has been stolen from its scientific home. Robert Langdon is on the job to find out what’s happened and why the Illuminati seem to be the culprit. His search quickly leads him to the Vatican.

Another book I picked up because a movie was coming out. I actually haven't had the chance to see it yet! Although I was able to somehow finish it right after the release date. =)

I wasn't terribly fond of The Davinci Code. The "clue trail" eventually lost my interest, although I found the theorizing about Davinci and religion intriguing. For me, it just lost steam halfway through. However, I felt like Angels and Demons was able to capture my interest and keep it much longer. I think, partly, that this book laid out for the reader the path of the story pretty close to the beginning, helping me to know what to expect without tiring of the "clue after clue after clue" drama.

I found the characters in this book much more interesting as well, especially the camerlengo. I also enjoyed the plot twists, which came far enough apart to keep me engaged in the story. I did feel like the ending dragged a bit, but overall, it was forgivable.

I'm excited to see the movie!

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