About Me


Hello, there. Thanks for reading my blog! I’m a late-twenties former English major, and I fill up my free time . . . can you guess? . . . reading. Yes, that’s right. And I’ve decided to join the ranks of book bloggers because I love talking about books just a little bit less than actually reading them. It’s a fact. =) So, I hope you will find plenty of books to fill up your to-be-read piles among my blatherings.

In addition to reviews and other book-rating posts, I also have a number of FEATURES, which, among other things, pay homage to the literary world at large and give you a peek into my psyche. (If you are interested in further silly trifles, you can visit my “OTHER” BLOG. The one that defies categorization.)

My rating system, of course, can only depend on one thing—my personality. So, to give you a better idea if this blog is of any use to you, see how you and I compare. Although, as I’ve found out on a number of occasions, sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone (i.e. preferences) can be exciting. (When it works.) As far as genres go, my tastes are rather eclectic. I read fewer nonfiction and chick lit books than anything else. Here is a list of some of my all-time favorite books--the ones I recommend time and time again as slam dunks and homeruns:

So, that’s about all I got. If you’d like to chat, send me an EMAIL. Hope you’ll stick around!