Thursday, January 15, 2009

BC About the Author: Nancy Turner

Nancy Elaine Turner was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Southern California and Arizona. She began writing fiction as an assignment for a class at Pima Community College and completed a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Studies from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a triple major in Creative Writing, Music, and Studio Art.

She lives in Tucson with her husband and Snickers, her dog. She has two married children and four grandchildren. Her hobbies include photography, pottery, and quilting. She also enjoys the outdoors, theater, movies, and antiques. She lives in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains overlooking the city of Tucson.

"Writing historical fiction is much like working on a term paper every day. My story is never far from my mind. I create characters by mingling traits of people. I love all my characters, too, especially those with complexity that makes them seem all the more real. I believe the locale of a story can be as much a part of the book as a character, and I use settings I know well enough to describe in detail." +/-

The real Sarah Prine is pictured third from the left. The young girl is Nancy's mother at age 11. The tallest lady is Nancy's grandmother, teller of stories and baker of pies, and the lady on the far right is Nancy's great-great grandmother, Roxie Virginia Stockman Reed.

Sarah’s Quilt is the second of three in the Sarah series. Nancy has also written another book The Water and the Blood set in 1941 about a young girl’s self-discovering journey. Visit her website here.

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