Saturday, June 2, 2007


Here at epiBloguer, I try to consistently post along the lines of several themes. I hope these features make your reading experiences more interesting. =) You can expect one of each about once or twice a month.

Must Reads
Here is where I post reviews of books I would recommend that anybody and everybody should and must read. Right away. Right now. Yes, you. I mean you. Don't delay one more millisecond.

Wishlist Wednesday
Here's where my to-be-read pile gets overfed. I post books I've come across that I'm salivating over. It will also give you an idea of what reviews will be coming in the future. (I got this idea from Should Be Reading, who hosts "wishful wednesday.")

If You Liked
Have you ever read a book that you loved so much, you couldn't wait to get your hands on another just like it? Well, look no further! Here is where I will recommend books by the criteria of other books, linked together by commonalities. Check it out!

Shoutout Friday
I do a lot of book blog stalking. So that you may also enjoy the fruits of that labor, I highlight particularly cool book blogs for you to check out.

Vocab Workshop
Yes, exactly, from the sixth grade. =) I love to come across new words in my reading and look them up. I keep a post-it on the front page of my chosen volume and then right down words as I read; I report back here. I don't actually have the biggest vocabulary in the world, and I would like to change that. Want to join me?

Here are the stickies I discovered when going through my old copy of Howards End. Apparently EM Forster knew I lot more words than I did.

Yes, I Digress
Here's where I jabber and ramble about any old thing pertaining to the wonderous art of words.

Austen World
Somewhat akin to Disney World, in this feature I post everything I read/watch/breathe that has to do with Jane Austen and her fabulous canon of works.

First Lines
A little collection of my favorite first lines. Because they can either take you hostage or drop you off at the next corner--you be the judge.

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