Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Madam, Will You Talk? by Mary Stewart

If you are looking for something fun and light to read for the summer, this is your book. Angieville recommended it, and I decided to give it a whirl. And, apparently, there are many more waiting for me to read by the same author, which is always a wonderful feeling when you stumble across a book you’ve enjoyed—that there’s more where that came from of the same stock.

Mary Stewart wrote her novels in the 50s, and I have to say that it was fun to step back into that time. And although the language, among other things, is a bit dated, it somehow made the experience that much more charming, instead of being distracting. Since our “standards” have changed over the years for entertainment and excitement, I was surprised to see that I was not disappointed on either count. +/-

The story picks up with a woman, Charity, and her friend on vacation in the south of France, enjoying their holiday, when she meets a young boy, David, and becomes immediately entangled in his complicated life. Murder, intrigue, mistaken identity, romance—all the great ingredients for a fantastic, page-turning mystery. I have to say that there were cheesey moments, but not beyond my level of tolerance. And, once again, it endeared me to the story and the characters rather than leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I will definitely be seeking out Stewart’s other tales!

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