Friday, November 13, 2009

Shoutout Friday: Books on the Nightstand

Books on the Nightstand is one of the first book blogs I ever discovered, and luckily for me, it's one of the best ones out there. They got me hooked on book blogs, and their recommendations never disappoint.

I stumbled upon Books on the Nightstand while looking for book-related podcasts on iTunes. I love to listen to podcasts while I run, and one of theirs got me through a 5k, just so you know. =) Yeah, they are that good.

Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness work for a publishing house. (I believe Random House, but don’t quote me on that one.) So, that means they get a good jump start on what’s coming out, although they do a good job of considering all books coming out—not just the ones they read for work. Ann has more of a murder mystery/dystopia taste (they are running a dystopic reading challenge right now that I'm taking part in), and one of Michael’s passions is graphic novels, but they both love all kinds of books and really do a great job of highlighting fantastic books from every “walk of genre.” +/-

I read their blog from time to time, and they are always posting on interesting topics, but the real gem is the podcasts. They are usually thematic in nature, and then wrap up with “two books we can’t wait for you to read.” This is my favorite section of the show because you can really tell from their excited descriptions how much they love the books they feature. If you have a moment, you really should give it a shot. I’ve add so many awesome books to my list on their recommendations. Click here to get a list of all the podcasts they’ve done thus far. You can also subscribe for free on iTunes.

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Dreamybee said...

Books on the Nightstand is one of my favorites too. I'm glad to see they're getting lots of link love this week.