Thursday, December 31, 2009

BC Consensus: Pope Joan

Would you like to crème de la crème from our book club dicussions this month? You are in luck! In November, we read Donna Cross's Pope Joan. Here are some of the comments our members made about the book:

“I don't think I've ever read a book set so early in history, or even imagined what it was like back in the 800s. It was difficult to read about Joan's early life, her father and his unbending ideas, how he treated his wife and his family while undoubtedly thinking he was in the right. Then I watched Joan struggle to be an educated woman and how few people stood behind her. I couldn't even imagine it and it made me think how blessed we are to be women now. I cheered for Joan when she made the transition to John and thought about how brave she must have been all those years to constantly be on guard of who she really was. Donna Cross is an excellent storyteller and her timing was perfect.”

“I appreciated how Donna included the Latin phrases in the book without it seeming to be "dumbed down" for the reader. The explanations, when there were any, were woven well into the story and the ones I don't remember understanding didn't detract me from the story. I am really glad someone suggested this book and that we all got to know Joan a little better. I'll definitely be recommending this book.” +/-

“I would have never read this book (or heard of it) without this book club. So thanks to you all. The beginning of it was so dark and miserable that I really had to make myself keep reading. Thankfully, Joan's life gets easier--not easier, just a lot less miserable--as the book progresses. Then it got fascinating.”

We were able to have an online chat with the author, Donna Cross. She offers this to any group that would like to participate (usually by conference call). Please visit her website for details.

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