Thursday, December 3, 2009

Virtual Advent: December 2 & 3

So, I accidentally missed a day because I'm on vacation and didn't get the opportunity to get near a computer. So... here are two days of advent in one post! There were some great entries the last two days. Here are some highlights. To check out more, see the links at the bottom of this post.

DEC 2nd
Two entries about the power of music:
"Hey, I love getting presents but there is so much to be enjoyed during the season. Family. Love. Movies. FOOD. And music. Because really, that’s when it all starts right? So, to celebrate the season, with one of my favorite parts of it, here are a few carols to get us started right."

"So when I younger I was never a big fan of going to church. In fact, it’s safe to say I hated church- absolutely nothing I can think of that I disliked more except for maybe Lima beans. *Waits to be struck by lightning*" +/-

DEC 3rd
Dylan Thomas's A Child's Christmas in Wales:
"I worry that by describing A Child's Christmas in Wales as a collection of memories I'm not making it sound terribly interesting to those of you who haven't read it, but the truth is, it is. And the reason why it is so interesting it's because it captures the feeling of Christmas very well, even for those of us whose memories are nothing like the narrator's. There overall tone of the story is warm, but there's also something very nostalgic and bittersweet about it. The language is what gives this story a great part of its charm. It has a very unique rhythm, and I can see this little book becoming One of Those I read aloud to my cats."
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Catching the Christmas spirit with someone to love:
"I haven’t always had great Christmases. Most of the ones I had when I was a kid were good. They weren’t extravagant but they were mostly happy simple times that involved not a lot of gifts but a lot of love, family and yes, a lot of pie. Then I grew up and went on to university in a city that wasn’t very close to home. I went home the first few years but then money started to dry up and the cost of going home for Christmas was half a month’s rent that I didn’t have to spare."
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Lisa said...

This is a neat idea!

I found you from Shona's blog and you had mentioned reading along with her on the Gilmore Girls list. If you're interested, I'm hosting a Gilmore Girls reading challenge at so if you're reading the books anyway you might want to join us and have a chance at prizes!

Cam said...

Hi Lisa. Looks fun! Thanks for letting me know about the challenge! I'm signed up for some many already this year... but I bet I could squeeze in one more. =) I mean, especially for Rory... hehe.