Monday, December 7, 2009

Virtual Advent: December 7

Another great day of Christmasy blog love!
Take some time to check out some of the posts for today.

Make it a cookie day:
"For me, the holiday season is about two things: food and family. This year, I tried combining those things in a new way. This year I got the... um, shall we say ambitious? idea to host a cookie bake with my mother's family, as many of them as could join."
Oh, those silly family traditions:
"I can't recreate all of my Christmas memories for my children but we do try with some of them. Of course, it is easy to drive around and look at lights and ooooo and aaaaaawwwwww over them. We don't know the people who put up the best light displays now so we can't tell salacious tales, at least salacious to a child, about them though. And given our family's appalling lack of talent in the singing department, we forgo the O Tanenbaum tradition. But I have imposed on my parents to recreate my very favorite tradition of all: chasing the elves away."
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kaye said...

I like the idea of a family baking day. Traditions aren't silly--they make great memories.

readerbuzz said...

We're going to try for a baking day before Christmas. We used to do that with my grandma and it was so much fun.

Julia Smith said...

Silly family traditions are a must at our house.