Friday, January 15, 2010

Shoutout Friday: Angieville

Are you a YA fiction fan? If so, you cannot miss out on Angieville. I had the privilege of working with Angie, and she knows her YA lit like nobody's business. She turned me onto some hits that I now know I can't live without, like Graceling, The Goose Girl, and Madam Will You Talk? I call her my YA guru. When Angie says it's good--you can trust her. =)

One of my favorite of her posts was actually a guest post at another great blog, the Book Smugglers. She wrote about why YA fiction shouldn't be discounted in the world of great literature. Give it a read . . . watch her convince you!

Her tastes run toward fantasy, but she's also interested in lots of other genres as well. And you'll love her sense of humor and witty reviews. She continues to add to my to-be-read stack daily. Check out her blog here.

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