Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BC Consensus: Silent in the Grave

Would you like to crème de la crème from our book club dicussions this month? You are in luck! In March, we discussed Deanna Raybourn's Silent in the Grave. Here are some of the comments our members made about the book:

“I looooved the descriptions of Julia's beautiful clothes! I found myself lingering over the words, re-reading them even. Such sumptuous descriptions. The story itself was very easy to read and somewhat engaging.”

“About 1/3 of the way through, I realized how much progress I'd made and was like, 'This is suh-LOW! for a mystery.' Halfway through, stuff started getting predictable and a little trite. The Brisbane/Julia foil was awkward. I did enjoy the book and Ms. Raybourn's writing, and will actually probably pick up her next two books to see if she's gotten less trite and more gripping. I have high hopes for her!” +/-

“So much thanks to whoever recommended this book for many hours of enjoyment! Whether the story was believable or well-written or not, I liked watching it unfold. Give me a mystery, and I'm going to want to know the end of it, I guess. More than liking Julia, I think I was spurred on to see what would become of Brisbane. The first book leaves open the mystery of Mariah Young and the second books leaves open questions that don't get answered until the third book.”

“Like you guys, I really liked Julia's crazy and eccentric family. I loved seeing how Julia changed inwardly and outwardly after her husband died. I thought the descriptions of her clothing and appearance were really fun to read. I believe in the concept that the right clothing can help a person feel more confident. I loved the Victorian time period the book was set in.”

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