Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vocab Workshop: Propitious

Learn English--that's my goal. =) (Also, I forgot to write down where this word came from. it's a fun one to say.)

{pro·pi·tious} \prə-ˈpi-shəs\ (adj) - (1) favorably disposed : benevolent (2) being a good omen (3) tending to favor : advantageous
— pro·pi·tious·ly adverb
— pro·pi·tious·ness noun

That my husband brought home chocolate ice cream is a propitious sign.
I finally found a propitious moment to finish the laundry.

Are they great sentences? Eh. But they are true!


"Sporadic means once in a while. Try using it in a sentence."

"Be seeing you..."
"Yeah, I hope not sporadically."


naida said...

Nice post.
And I love Clueless :)

City Girl Who Loves to Read said...

I'm sending you a whatever "W" with my fingers.