Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Christmas

I've been on the prowl for some good Christmas books this week. There's nothing better to get you in the Christmas spirit then reading a cute and decadent holiday book. But, I haven't always had the best of luck fitting that bill--although I give holiday books some leeway, they still have to come up to a certain level for me. These all looked enticing; I hope I'll have the time to read at least one. Here's hoping!

A Coventry Christmas
by Becky Cochrane

With a scrooge of a boss, her family thousands of miles away, and the only male in her life a hamster, Keelie Cannon is anticipating her worst Christmas ever when her friend Ivy convinces her to spend the holidays with her in the small Texas town of Coventry. Once Keelie arrives, her feelings about Christmas start to change as she not only rediscovers the joys of the holiday season but also of another chance at romance. Cochrane deftly flavors her quirky, character-rich contemporary romance with a surfeit of Christmas charm and sharp humor.

There's Something About Christmas
by Debbie Macomber

A smalltown Washington reporter learns to love fruitcake in Macomber's chick-lit take on A Christmas Carol. Emma Collins ("kinda cute in an uptight sort of way") hopes that writing obituaries and selling ads for the Puyallup Examiner will lead to a journalism career. Instead, her first plum assignment—interviewing three finalists in a national fruitcake recipe contest—lands her in the cockpit of devil-may-care pilot Oliver Hamilton, whose good looks and charm remind her of her shiftless father.

Despite Emma's fear of flying, Oliver takes her to Yakima, Colville, and the San Juan islands to meet three women who all figure that when life gives you lemons (or anything else), make fruitcake. Emma tastes the thrice-married barmaid's liquor-laden concoction, the tender-hearted widow's chocoholic dreamand the struggling young mother's no-bake graham-cracker confection. While she tries to capture in print lessons learned from the three cooks, Oliver's plane is grounded by a snowstorm.

It all adds up to another tale of romance in the lives of ordinary people, with a message that life is like a fruitcake: full of unexpected delights.

A Redbird Christmas
by Fannie Flagg

With the same incomparable style and warm, inviting voice that have made her beloved by millions of readers far and wide, New York Times bestselling author Fannie Flagg has written an enchanting Christmas story of faith and hope for all ages that is sure to become a classic.

Deep in the southernmost part of Alabama, along the banks of a lazy winding river, lies the sleepy little community known as Lost River, a place that time itself seems to have forgotten. After a startling diagnosis from his doctor, Oswald T. Campbell leaves behind the cold and damp of the oncoming Chicago winter to spend what he believes will be his last Christmas in the warm and welcoming town of Lost River. There he meets the postman who delivers mail by boat, the store owner who nurses a broken heart, the ladies of the Mystic Order of the Royal Polka Dots Secret Society, who do clandestine good works. And he meets a little redbird named Jack, who is at the center of this tale of a magical Christmas when something so amazing happened that those who witnessed it have never forgotten it.


Aimee said...

I really feel like I need a good Christmas book to get me through the end of 2009...

by the way, stumbled across your blog today and LOVE IT.It's lovely, and I'll be back to visit often!


Cam said...

Hi Aimee! Thanks so much! There's just nothing like a good Christmas book, is there? =) I'll have to checkout your blog too. =) Thanks for stopping by!