Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jacket Racket: Nancy Drew

It's no secret that Nancy Drew is a bit of a franchise. She's morphed over the years--being reinvented time after time as new generations discover her. It made me curious to see how she's evolved over the years.

However, there's a serious following of the "yellow book" originals. I found a challenge recently where those participating must read those specific original texts, with the yellow stamp of approval. =) I'm sorry to say that I've never read one Nancy Drew novel (gasp!), but I think I've been sufficiently entinced. My first book is planned TBR!

These were some of my favorite "yellow" covers that I came across. Love that 60s hair!

And a million other lucrative Nancy endeavors . . .


Lisa said...

I loved Nancy Drew growing up but I wasn't even aware of her until my brother learned that reading could be fun when he discovered The Hardy Boys.

kiirstin said...

I used to love Nancy, too. I've actually just been given the box of my old yellow-and-black editions (which I believe my grandmother picked up at a garage sale for me) and I'm thinking I might read them all again... even though the writing's... shall we say, not as stellar as I remember it being?

Nice graphic juxtaposing Nancy's various incarnations, though! I love it.

Julia Smith said...

I'm a 70's-girl Nancy Drew reader - love that cover for The Secret of the Old Clock!